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By Paul Hughes


Enterthe is a 3rd person combat RPG where you must defeat wave after wave of enemies. Defeated enemies drop loot which you can use to make your character stronger. This game was made with Unreal Engine 4.

Main Features:

  • Procedurally generated loot based on player level, enemy level, and player class. Generated stats include:
    • Attack
    • Attack Speed
    • Health
    • Health Regeneration
    • Stamina
    • Stamina Regeneration
    • Defense
  • Multiple waves of enemies.
  • Player Abilities
    • Dash
    • Stomp
    • Spin
    • Heal
  • Save and Load your game so you can continue through multiple sessions.


  • Asset Modeler
    • I created my own in-engine voxel mesh editor in order to make the assets you see in the game. It is not very polished and could use many improvements to increase workflow. However, it was sufficient for my needs and cut down time importing assets made in third party programs.
  • Procedural Items
    • This was my first experience with procedurally generated content that was not terrain. I wanted a variety of stats so that each player could focus on stats they preferred. I created my own formula for what the item stats should be. Multiple variables are taken into account such as player level, enemy level, and player class.
    • Each type of item also has a custom distribution of stats in order to make it more believable. For example, only weapons can have the Attack stat, and boots are more likely to have positive movement speed than a helmet.
    • Once the stats are decided, rarity is introduced that will increase the stats by a certain amount depending on the rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary). Each item is given an adjective in its name for an associated stat. For example, an item with high defense may have the "tough" or "impenetrable" prefix.
    • Finally, the weapon is scored based on the rarities of its given stats. A name is generated from this and the weapon is given an overall rarity. For example, a "Peasant's Sword" might be common rarity, while a "Knight's Sword" may be of epic rarity.
  • Scope
    • Scope was the overall bane of this project. The original design included multiple classes, more enemies, NPCs, and more. Obviously, it was silly of me to think this could all be done in a single semester, but in the end I am satisfied with this game as a prototype for my original design.

Future Plans:

  • This project is as done as it will ever be. I am happy with this game as a prototype, even if it doesn't represent a fully playable game. I learned a ton making this, and will use that knowledge to make even better games in the future.

Install instructions

Just download the .zip file, extract it anywhere and run Enterthe.exe to play. Windows 64 bit only.


Enterthe.zip 698 MB

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